When Experts Are Needed

So I guess I lamented programming professionals for not being open to less skilled folks getting into the industry and the barriers they are putting up in my last post.  One of the most important aspects for any business leader is to know when you need an expert and when you can get by with average talent.  Take my old car for instance.  I have owned a 1985 Nissan 300ZX for the better part of my life.  My first one was purchased in 1989 and since then, I have had several of them.  I truly love working on this car and doing things like adding a new stereo, replacing shocks, or replacing the frame bushings.  With the Chilton Books, manuals, and YouTube, I have found that I can do just about anything.  Or so I thought.

I was playing golf with a person who I never met who happened to own a 1955 Chevy that was really cool.  He had the big slicks in the back and great flame paint job.  You could have put this car in the Grease movies and it would have fit right in.  His interior had been redone and I noticed something odd.  The seats were wrong for this car.  Yea, they looked great and had matching fabric but something didn’t fit.  I may be the only guy that could have looked at those seats and immediately known they were wrong.  Why?  They were from a 1988 Nissan 300ZX.  I know this because I have a pair sitting in the garage along with new leather seats covers that I can’t install.

I have tried and tried to install these seat covers but they need an expert in upholstery to understand how to make them look perfect.  All the books and videos in the world won’t change the fact when you have to think on your feet and still deliver a perfect product; average skills won’t do.  It took me a week to just get the head rest on so there has to be a secret here that only years of experience would handle.  While average skills work great for most jobs, sometimes you need an expert.  The trick is knowing when and admitting it.

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