Importing Net Worth Information into the App

If you are like me, you track your net worth in an Excel spreadsheet.  We have been doing this since 1988 and it’s interesting to see the chart and associate life events to the ups and downs.  Entering all that data into another application can be tedious but we have created an easy to use form that will load it up for you.

There are four field that you can enter.  The first two, age and year you started tracking, are used to establishing a starting point.  Yes, we could have used your current age to calculate these but this is more fun and ensures we start at the right place.  The next two fields are for your assets and liabilities.  These fields are comma delimited which means we use a comma to separate the years.  Let’s put in a simple example.  Suppose you have been tracking your net worth for 5 years.  Here is what you could put use as input.

Age: 40
Year Started: 2012
Assets: 10000,20000,30000,40000,50000
Liabilities: 2000,5000,5500,6000,5200

From here we can import the data and create five net worth records.  Of course, you can change the values and add comments on the net worth table view.

Simple right?

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