At the Crossroad of your Career; A Daily Decision

Imagine yourself standing at the crossroad of your career. Sort of like the final scene in the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away” where he is deciding to turn back towards the lady with the butterfly package.  To the left is Mediocrity Highway.  It’s a four lane highway, straight as an arrow.  It has street lights and fresh paint to guide you as you move along.  There are support personal, called “Managers”, to help you in case your car breaks down.  They have paved the road with fresh asphalt and clear signs of progress help you see exactly where you are.  The green sign says that Nowhere, USA is just 14 miles ahead.  In another 22 miles, you will find a hustling metropolis called Average City.  The radio is tuned to one of those leadership talk shows talking about the latest skills that you will never use.

The other road is a bit different.  It’s a single lane dirt road full of potholes called Progression Street.  Signs here say fallen rocks ahead, road may ice over during winter, and dangerous intersections.  The road seems to curve off to the right where you can see vultures flying overhead.  A blue sign can be seen in the distance that says no rest area for the next 1,000 miles and the green sign that has fallen off its supports saying Success, USA is only 365 miles away.  Oh, I forgot to mention that over on Mediocrity Highway, the traffic is moving fast and furious.  While the lanes are full, everyone is moving right along.  Some are actually using the fast lane to Nowhere, USA as they share a ride with others just like them.  Here, nothing but loneliness and isolation.

Which road do you take?

As you stand there deciding, you notice an elderly gentleman leaning against the flickering lamp post seemingly asleep.  His hat is pulled down over his face and he is wearing a dust laden trench coat that has seen better days.  Without rising up he says, in a voice full of miles, that the irony is that everyone on Mediocrity Highway thinks they are on Progression Street.  They believe that doing everything everyone else is doing will lead to Success but instead they are driving straight to Nowhere.  Choose wisely and remember, if you choose the long road to success then you will be back here tomorrow with the same decision to make but once you select the highway of mediocrity you will never return

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